Our beautiful, graphic decals for your car, van, SUV or truck are a perfect way to personalize your ride!

People ask us, “How did you think of that?” We ask, “How did we not!”

We didn’t think there was much of a choice when it came to how cars look so we decided to do something about it and let you make your ride your own!

We created My Beautiful Ride and found some great folks to do some really fun, quirky, beautiful art that flows and enhances the form and function of your cars.

Who are we?

Terry Cullinane, Organization Development consultant, former camp director, wife and mom of two wonderful teenage girls who think car art is great and will put them on their cars as soon as they have them!

My dream car? A rattle-y old Land Rover, at least as old as I am, with plenty of room for my dog and my goat plus the kids!

Frank Placas, model maker, self-proclaimed Grouch, new grandfather and father to two lovely young women with cars with decals.

Plus a growing number of designers and others who are thrilled to see their work driving down the road!

Our car art is way beyond stickers. Think of them as tattoos for your car!

We hope you like what you see!

We will be posting more about us, our products, our designs and designers soon. And lots more pictures of you and your vehicles showing off your stuff!

Reach us by phone at 1.800.429.6012 or e-mail at: info@MyBeautifulRide.com

We look forward to hearing from you! Send us your ideas for fabulous car art or send us pictures of you and your ride!

btw – This is Lyndsey with Perry and her darling Honda Fit with one of our very first decals, Wings to Fly. The Pink Dreams color combination really looks sharp on her little blue car.