Do cars all look alike?

We don’t think all cars should look alike

Fun decals for cars on a Black Toyota Prius Hummingbird Swoop

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So fasten your seat belt and here we go ….

One sunny afternoon some years back, I was driving on a local freeway around 4pm. However, it was 4pm, so when I say driving I mean sitting in stop and go traffic as drivers fought to get from one side of the 6 lanes to the other where the road split west towards San Francisco and east towards Oakland and onto Livermore where our studio is located.

What was that baby blue baby?

Then, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a baby blue sedan in the next lane making its way toward the west bound lanes. You don’t see a lot of baby blue cars so I took note of it thinking to myself, “Huh, is that a Hyundai? Maybe a Sonata? An Elantra? They are kind of snazzy looking with that sloped back. I wonder if that’s a custom color?”

In other words, there isn’t much to think about sitting in traffic.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

The car continued to inch forward and away from me as I sat still. But when the car finally pulled ahead so that I could see the trunk, I was shocked (SHOCKED!) to see a winged circle with a B in the center.

Holy Moly! That’s a Bentley!

See what I mean?

Certainly I know the two cars are in no way comparable. If they were side by side, I could probably tell the difference. I know body design is just a small part of a car. And, I know when we’re talking bells and whistles we’re talking solid 24 carat gold vs. that really hard, thin plastic that breaks when you look at it. But jeesh!

Cars all really do look alike!

Would I have ever in a million years thought that car was a Bentley?

No! Absolutely not!

So what happened next? How did we come up with the idea for beautiful vinyl graphics so cars and trucks and everything else on the road could be more distinctive? We’ll get to that next time.

In future posts, we’ll tell you more about our process, our ideas and our truly wonderful customers. It’s been great fun helping folks bring their ideas alive over the years. And its really satisfying to see pictures of the decals on their cars and hear their stories.