Are MyBeautifulRide decals hard to install?

Even if you don’t already know how to install decals the answer is:

No! Absolutely not! No way! You can do it!

We like to be encouraging but the real answer is – they truly aren’t that hard to install.

Installing takes some time and patience but you’ll surprise yourself (and others) at what a great installer you already are! And we use the best quality material which has properties built into it to help avoid problems like air pockets and bubbles.

The women in our video never put decals on before. Watch how great they do. You will too!

If they aren’t hard to install, how easy are they?

One person can do smaller pieces (2′ or so) quite easily. Many of our designs have a large piece which requires two people to do the installation. One of you should definitely be the “lead” while the other person helps with positioning and gently offering suggestions. Plus, it’s more fun to do with a friend!

You can work outside or in a garage. Remember: It helps to be able to stand back and look at your work, particularly when you are deciding on final positioning. And if you have that friend around, they can move pieces while you stand back.

Definitely stay out of direct sun light for your own sake – it’s hard on your eyes and it gets extra warm working alongside a large, heat-absorbing object. Also, stay out of the wind – you really don’t want to be working with a giant piece of sticky stuff in the wind!

A moderate day (60 to 80 degrees) is perfect. For full details, see our installation guide.

How long does it take to install the decals?

Many of our decals come in sets designed for both sides of your vehicle. Decals with larger pieces or lots of pieces take longer so set aside about 3 hours for the entire installation. Smaller sets won’t take as long. There is no rule that says you have to install both sides on the same day so if you don’t have that much time, plan on doing one side later.

Remember: Patience is a virtue; there is no award for finishing in 20 minutes. If you are a super careful person, you might take longer. If everything goes super smoothly, you might take less time.

Installing decals is a very tactile experience. Unless your design requires they be put on in a certain order, you might want to start with smaller pieces to get a feel for the material.

Its fun and very satisfying!

I just don’t want to do it myself. Can I have my decals professionally installed?

If, despite everything we have said, you still don’t want to install your own decals, contact local body, sign or graphic shops. We do not maintain a list of installers but give us a call if you need help finding someone.

Do I need to do (or not do) anything special BEFORE I install my decals?

Do NOT wax your car before installing your decals because the wax will interfere with the adhesive.

Your car should be clean before you start. If you didn’t wash your car immediately prior to installation, use a soft cotton rag to wipe any areas where you will be putting decals to remove any dust that accumulates on your car.

Then, wipe down all areas with a 50/50 solution of water and rubbing alcohol to remove any residue from cleaning products which can reduce adhesion over time.

If your design crosses over any part of a door, remember to wipe the lip around the door before you start and then clean with the alcohol solution. You will be cutting the vinyl and rubbing it around the two sides once your decals are on.

It isn’t necessary, but using a gentle, liquid rubbing compound applied by hand ensures a very smooth surface. We don’t recommend any particular product but your local auto parts store will have several to choose from.

Do I need to do (or not do) anything special AFTER I install my decals?

It is best to avoid very wet or cold weather (under 50 degrees) conditions for 12 hours so the adhesive reaches its maximum adherence capacity.

What if I damage my decals while I’m installing them?

If the damage prevents you from being able to use the decals, you may return any damaged piece to us and we will supply you with a replacement at a reduced price. BUT before you throw in the towel, call us – we might be able to help you salvage what you think is lost.

Will the decals damage my car?

The vinyl we use is designed for use on vehicles, so as long as you follow the directions your decals will not damage your car’s paint. If the paint is already damaged or the car has been poorly repainted, you might have problems when you remove them. If you’ve gotten a new paint job in the last couple of months, ask your body shop about a waiting period.

What are the decals made from?

We use durable, easy-to-install, easy-to-remove vinyl material specifically developed for use on vehicles. Its the same material used for advertising wraps on cars and buses. It has special “comply technology” to help you install the decals without getting any bubbles. While some of our designs are cut from a single color, most are printed using special UV ink and then laminated which prevents fading and protects the artwork.

How long does the material last?

The material we use is designed to last 5 to 7 years. Even though the vinyl was developed for for vehicles, with the amount of daily wear and tear a car goes through, you will probably begin to see some signs of aging after 3 years. Remember that while your decal is on, it is actually protecting your car from weather and sun damage so the real issue is the aging of the areas of your car not covered by vinyl. You probably don’t want to see a shiny ghost image once you remove them so we recommend you remove your decals after 24 months or so but most of our customers leave them on longer and we have had no complaints.

Does weather affect my decals?

They stand up to weather very well. The material is designed for outdoor use and is laminated to protect the inks. They won’t fade or crack given average weather conditions. Hot Arizona summers or cold Northern Canada winters are fine. But, if the weather folks are predicting a vicious sandstorm, move your vehicle inside!

Will road salt damage my decals?

Road salt should not cause any harm to your decals. That being said, you want to remove any road salt or harsh chemicals before they build up. If you have to remove snow or ice, do so gently. Treat your decals the same way you treat your car’s paint.

How do I remove my decals after they’ve been on my car for a couple of years?

The best way to remove your decals is to use a hairdryer on the low setting to gently heat the vinyl. The heat warms up the adhesives and makes it easier to slowly peel off the decals. Alternatively, park your car in the sun for a while to warm the vinyl up. Then start at one end and gently pull the material away from the car.

Can I reuse my decals?

Sorry, no you can’t reuse the decals. The material will stretch as you pull it off so once the artwork has been removed, it is , ummm, time for the trash.

Will the adhesives leave a residue?

They shouldn’t. If there is any residue, use something to cut the adhesive like goo-gone or even distilled vinegar. Just apply it to a cloth and rub it on in a gentle, circular motion. Clean the area with soap and water when you are done. If you paint is very old, oxidized or damaged in some way prior to installation, you may see some residue. In that case, it is best to find an inconspicuous place to try first.

Will the car wash hurt my decals?

Wait a couple of days after you install your artwork, but once the adhesives have set you don’t need to worry about car washes. It is probably best to avoid high-pressure washers but you can frequent the car wash as often as you like.

Can I wax my car?

Sure. But we recommend hand-waxing rather than using a power waxer/buffer. The buffer is spinning pretty fast and may catch the vinyl and damage it. Remember: Do not wax your car before installing your decals because the wax will interfere with the adhesive.

Can I install decals on my newly painted car?

Please wait at least 60 days for the paint to fully cure before installation. And, talk to the folks at the auto painters for their recommendations. They can best advise you.

What if the decal starts to peel up?

If you notice your decal peeling make sure you take care of it right away. Hopefully the material is still sticky and you can just smooth it back down onto the clean car with your fingers. If the material isn’t sticky because dirt has gotten on it, you can cut that piece off.

What if someone tries to steal my decals?

That would be a bummer! If someone tries to steal your decals or vandalizes them in someway, we have a one-time replacement policy. Please send us a picture of the damaged decal and we will provide you with a replacement at a reduced cost.

How accurate are the colors on the website?

We strive to make the website as accurate as possible but the colors may be slightly different. The website is an approximation of your decal. We are proud of our designs and color choices and are pretty sure you will be happy with your choice too. That said, remember you can customize any of our standard decals if you would prefer different colors and we will send you a mock-up before you commit.

Can I install part of the decal on the window?

Certainly but only on windows that don’t open. Remember: Make sure you do not block your visibility! Be sure to check your local vehicle regulations before putting anything on your windows.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Your decals are made to order. Orders are usually shipped in approximately 7 to 10 business days. If there is a delay, we will notify you. We will always let you know when your decals are sent.

What shipping service do you use?

We us the United States Postal Service. Occasionally, we have had customers request another shipping service. If that is the case, you will be charged the difference, if any.

What if I decide I don’t want my decals after they arrive?

Well, we would be disappointed but we understand. We want you to be happy with your experience with MyBeautifulRide from start to finish – even if finishing means not putting decals on your car. Therefore, you may return unused decals within 30 days of the original delivery. We will credit your the return shipping costs if returned within 30 days.

Where do you ship?

We ship all over the world. That being said, we have yet to ship to Antarctica. Not a lot of personal vehicles in Antarctica.

Any other questions?

Just give us a call at 800.429.6012 or contact us via email. We really want you to enjoy your ride and are happy to talk to you anytime.