Close Up Woman in Black Prius with colorful custom art Custom decal art for cars

Here’s Wendy’s story

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Wendy had a boring black Prius.

And some ideas…

But no way to get there…

Until she found

When Wendy contacted us, she had a ho-hum car and some fun ideas. Wendy sent us some sketches of her ideas and we got to work. But first, we asked if she had a budget so we knew what we had to work with and so Wendy was comfortable.

Her shapes reminded us of the work of Henri Matisse.

So using Wendy’s design and Matisse’ colors, we created two versions for Wendy to look at.

These two versions are similar. The artwork over the rear wheel is the only difference.

And she liked them. In fact, she loved them. But she wanted to incorporate purple somewhere in the design. You’ll see that in the finished product.

We said great! And asked Wendy to take some measurements of her car. Priuses are pretty common but we usually ask our customers for measurements of their cars or trucks. It helps us and it’s the first step in knowing you can do this yourself!

Then we got to work. Working with customers can take as little as a day or as long as several weeks. Wendy’s design was quite involved and Wendy knew exactly what she wanted. This project took some time. Remember, design time is almost always free so even with lots of back and forth, Wendy was able to get what she wanted without worrying about extra charges.

So next, we sent Wendy mock-ups of the hood, side and trunk including the colors we though she would like.

Once Wendy approved the design, we created a very unique set of decals for her. Our designs are laid out so you can install the decals yourself while being as efficient as possible with the material. We don’t want to waste material or your money.

Besides having a great installation video, with all but the simplest designs, we send you a custom installation guide too. Wendy’s design was very elaborate. She got three pages!

Wendy watched our installation video and the next time we heard from her, she had put the decals on her car. She was so happy she sent us pictures!

Woman in Black Prius with colorful decals

And Wendy drove happily ever after.