Marimekko Modern


White-Honda-Fit-Red Orange and Pink Marimekko-Poppies



White-Honda-Fit-Red Orange and Pink Marimekko-PoppiesRed, orange and pink!  Think how mod you’ll be with our version of the iconic Marimekko poppy decal on your car.  The colors are bold, the shapes simple but together you get something really special.  The poppies in this set come individually so you can place them wherever you like.

The largest poppy measures about 7.5″x7″, the middle size is about 5″x5.5″ and you get a bunch of the small poppies about 2.75″x2.5″. As with most of our designs, you get a few extra poppies to place wherever you like. Maybe a couple of the small ones can grace your water bottle.